Welcome to NETSYSCO

assists companies in hiring, retaining, and training their information
technology staff. For more than fifteen years, the Company has provided
human resource and personnel services exclusively for organizations
that had used Hewlett Packard technology.

As of 2004, Netsysco restructured into separate business units for staffing
and training. The Company furthermore, has expanded its training services
to include AIX & Solaris Unix, Enterprise Red Hat & SuSE Linux,
MCSE Microsoft, and ITIL [IT Service Mgmt]. Our philosophy is simple,
“Maintain excellence, uncompromising integrity and quality.”
It is critical to understand your client’s needs and meet them.

Netsysco also provides contract services and real-world, hands-on training
on HP-UX, IBM-AIX, SUN-Solaris, Enterprise Linux [Red Hat & SuSE],
and Microsoft Windows 2003 server technologies. Classes range from beginner
to advanced and also include 3-Week FastTrack programs to building System
Administrators for HP-UX and Enterprise Linux. In addition, Netsysco
offers unique classes that are specifically designed for the System
Administrator, ie. to address key issues relative to an Oracle database
installations, maintenance and performance tuning.

When a company’s computing environment includes HP3000, HP9000, Linux,
Microsoft, or Oracle technology, Netsysco offers a complete suite of
services for the people in the information technology department.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re familiar with these technologies
or wish to expand into them. If you’re looking for a potential career
opportunity, or, want a contract assignment, trying to recruit someone,
or interested in System Administration Training
Netsysco can help.


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