Netsysco provides
training to System Administrators on HP-UX, IBM certified -AIX, AS400, Enterprise Linux [Red Hat
& SuSE-(Customize & Novell certified)], Microsoft Windows 2003 server platforms, Cisco and IT Service

Netsysco is on schedule to release Netsysco branded customized IBM
AIX System Administration & Sun
Solaris System Administration and Oracle System
Administration -II within 2005.

believes that quality learning revolves around fundamental issues:

Insuring that
each student has responsibility for their own server. It is all about
Maintaining a
sufficient one-to-one learning experience means capping a class to no
more than 12 people per instructor to insure complete comprehension
of material, labs and class exercises.
Daily tests are
necessary to re-enforce each students learning objectives are met and
to cue the instructor and student to weaknesses.
Color enhanced
materials to cue a students attention to significant information.

Content that
can stand the test of time as a reference guide.
Instructors that
are certified with a minimum of 10 yrs industry experience and are not

isn’t always better. We’re the little company that developed world-class
training to help users get the skills they need for their jobs. Our
labs don’t have you follow along with the instructor; instead you immerse
in the procedures you will use on the job and then you actually do the
tasks you will potentially face. Install an OS, backup a live production
database, stripe a disk, configure an NFS network.

Where else could you get training that lets you crash and rebuild your
server? Only at Netsysco.

Effective May 17th 2005, Netsysco has established a GSA Schedule 70 contract for IT System Administration Training. Check us out on GSA Advantage


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