With more than 15 years of placing users of HP technology, the team at Netsysco has the best contacts in the marketplace.

How do we do it? It takes more than reviewing a resume or reading a job specification to match the right candidate with a job that becomes a career. It takes a knowledge of the marketplace cultivated over many years. We care enough about the people and the companies we represent to build relationships that endure.

One resume, one interview, one hire. We regularly make it that easy for our clients. But even when the hiring process is not that simple, we work with our clients to make sure their unique needs are met.

As brokers of talent, we distinguish between the mediocre and the exceptional; we promote the exceptional. Our screening process means less work for our clients.

  • 9 out of 10 resumes we forward result in interviews.
  • 60% of our clients hire the first candidate we refer.
  • The average tenure of candidates at the company where Netsysco placed them is two and a half years.

We recruit and place any IT professional with experience on HPe3000 or HP9000 systems. Call the Netsysco Recruiting speak with a recruiter about finding your next job or hiring your next IT specialist.