Security Courses

Netsysco offers an array of courses designed to build Security Administrators for Various Operating Systems. All courses are created to be the most effective courseware and delivery with an objective to provide the best ROI possible. Courses range from taking an individual from introduction through to certification, while advanced classes provide a test play ground to refresh their knowledge using intense break-it fix-it lab exercises. Netsysco balances lecture with extensive business case oriented intense labs along with daily computerized testing to gage a students progress. Our goal is to provide the best ROI possible. Can’t decide?

  • Enterprise Red Hat Linux Security
  • Enterprise SuSE Linux Security
  • Pix Firewall Specialist
  • Computer Forensis
  • Pro Hacking:Applied Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Networking and Security
  • Writing Secure Code
  • Advanced Penetration Testing
  • Security Through Open Source
  • Live Online ISA
  • Live Online Computer Forenscs
  • Live Online CISSP
  • Live Online Proo Hacking
  • Live Online Security+

Netsysco has secured a partnership with Intense School, headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale FL, to deliver a customized and far most comprehensive course curriculum focusing on Microsoft Security Boot Camps.

Intense School is an IT Training Center that provides accelerated certification boot camps for computer professionals. It is this partnership that along with Netsysco’s Linux and Unix Courseware that makes a total solution for a company’s IT department. It is wonderful to find a similar company that believes in delivering the same level of excellence and Netsysco is proud to partner with them.

With the addition of IntenseSchool, Netsysco with our team of highly talented sales people can help you understand your needs and pick a location best for you.

Choose between San Francisco, CA, San Diego, CA, San Las Vegas, NV, Louisville, KY, Washington DC Metro, or Ft. Lauderdale, FL,

♦ For course content, schedules, and pricing, click on course title.


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