Netsysco, is the leading IT recruiting and training firm who specializes in system administration to support hospitals that strive to effectively use the latest information technologies. “We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of training and recruiting that supports a high quality of patient care.”

Netsysco trains system administrators who oversee complex systems that unify the hospital’s nursing, allied health, physician, emergency, intensive care, radiology, pharmacy, imaging, surgery and laboratory departments with patient processing. Highly trained technologists are needed to deliver real-time information to various entities in a highly integrated supply chain. Healthcare’s multi-platform multi-dimensional application environment is commanding the need for Netsysco’s IT resources to ensure that the knowledge base exists to support it.

The most wired hospitals have made considerable investments in key technologies migrating into comprehensive systems that are either home-grown or from vendors such as McKesson, Siemens, and Cerner. Oracle and Microsoft have played an integral role in these technologies with UNIX based operating systems including Solaris. Hardware upgrades have also occurred to meet these growth demands declaring astute decision making talent who understand the investment and utilization of technology.

According to the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME),
Healthcare information technology professionals are not that familiar with recent health IT initiatives, and their provider organizations are barely starting to integrate health IT. Netsysco is positioned to provide the healthcare IT professional the knowledge to provide efficient access to their clinical users while maintaining the highest levels of security.

Search Services

Netsysco has performed IT management searches throughout the United States. Jennifer Keller, Netsysco’ s senior Healthcare IT recruiter, is an healthcare industry trained professional who founded a medical surgical diagnostic and treatment service in Louisville, Kentucky working in a variety of positions. With 12 years of clinical, development and executive management in healthcare and 14 years as an executive search consultant serving the financial, IT and healthcare markets, Jennifer represents a wealth of knowledge that employers find invaluable when isolating and recruiting the talent elite within a changing and emerging marketplace.

Clients have ranged from hospitals with licensed bed-size less than 100 and up to 1000 and Fortune 100 companies throughout the United States. Ms Keller is a graduate of Bellarmine University, Louisville, Kentucky with a Bachelor Science in Nursing and Masters of Business Administration with an interest in industrial psychology and organization theory. Her extensive experience in the healthcare industry brings to our clients a combined background in executive recruitment and organizational consulting.


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