Q: Why should I come to Netsysco when I can get similar courses from Hewlett Packard Education?

A: HP may have created the Operating System, but Netsysco is perfecting what is needed to create a productive, focused and innovative System Administrator. Netsysco specializes in building and maintaining the absolute best System Administrators for various Operating System Platforms and continues to expand providing nimble, color enhanced reference guide oriented materials to achieve the best ROI humanly possible. Netsysco also works to insure a student’s knowledge through extensive real-world labs and daily testing that includes certification. Compare the content of Netsysco courses with the competition-you’ll see that our “no fluff” approach means you’ll get more enhanced instruction on the things you want to learn and need to give you peak performance.

Q: How do your prices compare?

A: Quality training is not a bargain-basement proposition., Netsysco provides the absolute best training which leads to – not only certification- but a thorough understanding of the subject matter to allow you to solve live problems. Low-budget alternatives are never a bargain. If you dollar-cost average the amounts spent to constantly scramble for low cost, low quality, alternatives you end up spending a lot more money and time for a lot less end results. Look closely at how your investment pays off with Netsysco: You have access to the classroom and your server from 7:30 AM to 6PM each day – compare that to most classes that run from 9AM to 4PM. Compare content closely: It could take as much as five weeks of scheduled training elsewhere to get the material covered in our three week System Administration Boot Camp. Likewise, Netsysco five-day courses often cover material it takes others eight days to deliver. So if your time is as valuable as your money, Dollar for dollar, Netsysco will save you money.

Q: Why should I come to Louisville when I have training facilities where I live?

A: We believe that the training we offer is the best, most comprehensive training, compared to what you can get elsewhere. It may be less expensive to come to Louisville than you think. It is less expensive for one New York area company to fly their System Administrators to Netsysco than to have them drive to New Jersey and stay in hotels. If you have never been to the great city of Louisville, then you might enjoy the excuse to come! (Arrive Saturday night – save on airfare and spend Sunday at Churchill Downs, on a horse farm in the countryside, or at Waterfront Park on the banks of the Ohio River.)

Q: What are your most popular courses?

A: Oracle Unix System Administration – I is our most popular course, probably because no one else offers a way for system administrators to learn how to install, configure, use, and maximize performance of Oracle specifically on HP-UX. Our second most popular course is our 3-week Unix System Administration Fast-Tracks. It’s the fastest way for people to ramp up quickly on HP-UX and Red Hat Linux & SuSE Linux].
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