Alumini Policy

Press Release:

January 1, 2004

Students that take Netsysco courses in:

  • HP-UX Essentials, System Administration or Networking
  • Oracle System Administration on HP-UX
  • Accelerated MC Service Guard
  • Enterprise Linux Essentials, System Administration or Networking
  • racle System Administration on Linux
  • Shell Scripting
  • Perl Scripting

Effective retroactively to January 2003 alumni students will be able to choose between taking a specifically designed refresher course ( to be released fall 2004) or take the same course taken earlier at 50% off the original list price of the course. This offer extends for a period of 3 years from the date the course was taken.

Netsysco believes that our commitment to clients needs to extend beyond the classroom to provide the best education possible for System Administrators. Since most equipment is slated for production, Netsysco realizes that many shops don’t have the facilities for System Administrators to play “what if” scenarios. Since equipment failure is a given and the ability and promptness of the System Administrator is keen to ensuring equipment up time, Netsysco sees refresher courses as a necessity.

Furthermore Netsysco is moving forward to launch an online fresher program. This program when launched will not replace our hands-on real-world training but add to it. The purpose is maintain ones knowledge at a peak performance level.

When a company chooses Netsysco for training, we see it as a commitment now and in the future. This Alumni Policy in addition to our approach to training delivery will be the best return on investment humanly possible. Netsysco will stand up and be counted.


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